Cyberdog Hanger Designs

I was approached by a friend to create a covering for an eco-friendly cardboard hanger he wanted to pitch to Cyberdog (a futuristic cyber-goth shop in Camden). I was really excited to be involved in such a forward thinking project, especially having seen the 3D version of the hanger which was really something else! I can't wait to see these mocked up!


Radiostar Poland - Site takeover

An example of display advertising on the Polish radio station website "Radiostar".

The design was inspired by an event I attended at the O2 and also the creative that was already on the website (showing a music gig). I hoped that this would strike a resonance with regular visitors to the website and also enhance the ATL marketing taking place within the Polish segment. Paramount to this was of-course keeping the branding consistent and inline with the whole campaign, but also being highly visible on a high traffic website without being too in your face!